Chiltern TRs

Wallingford Classic Vehicle Rally and Parade, 9th May 2010 

The parade passes through the centre of Wallingford watched by an appreciative public
On arrival at the Kinecroft park we set up our pitch. The weather was a bit cold and windy but at least it was dry What's that MGB doing in there ?

One of the sponsors arrives with some of the prizes The fire fighters show how to improve an old Nissan Micra by making it convertible
A nice Healey with a couple of MGBs A very handsome Sunbeam Talbot convertible
What better use for an Austin K2 truck than delivering good beer ?? A model T Ford
Our pitch  A (very small) replica of the first steam lorry
A great little traction engine Roger and Julia in "Hissing Sid" make their way home

Thanks to Heather for the pictures

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