Chiltern TRs

 Visit to Waddesdon Manor, Christmas 2008

A great day out to visit the manor house, see the Christmas decoration and spend time at the Food Fare. Excellent organisation, once again by Geoff, who also managed to get permission for us the park some cars in front of the house !!
Meeting up ready to make our grand entrance  Although it was cold, fortunately the rain stayed away
We were guided past the queues right to the front of the impressive manor house 2 x TR2, TR3A, TR4, TR4A, 3x TR6 and a TR7V8, arranged in date order
Kermit's paint clashes with Julia's coat ! The Christmas Food Fare was inside the Stables buildings
Most of us, just before setting off to view the Christmas decorations (a few are missing)
Fourteen of Us then adjourned to the the Cooked Billet at Kingswood ...... to thaw out , get a drink and a spot of lunch. A good day was had by all !!
It seems that another TR managed to sneak in and out, unseen by any of us !! It was Brian and Marie Godwin's very nice white TR5, seen here on the far right.  

Thanks to Heather, Simon, Wodge and Brian for the pictures

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