Chiltern TRs

40th Anniversary of the London to Mexico World Cup Rally
Gaydon, 18th April 2010

Convoy run reaches Gaydon village. Hywel's TR2 followed by Steve's Works 1978 TR7V8 and Kevin's Works 1971 Datsun 240Z Chiltern Group and friends. The rally cars were displayed together, outside the entrance
Looks knackered now and in need of a bit more than T-cut !! This is a works Triumph 2.5PI (XJB 303H) which took part in the WCR, entered by BL/Motor Magazine, but failed to finish due to engine problems. It was crashed and seriously damaged in 1985 on another event. Kevin's Datsun and Steve's TR7V8 lined up with the other works rally cars.
This recreation of the winning #18 Ford Escort, entered by The Daily Telegraph and driven by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm, was built in 1990. The original registration number was FEV 1H. The number has been transposed here to H1 FEV Another of the works Triumph 2.5PI WCR cars. This is the # 43 Andrew Cowan car, entered by BL/Football Association, which unfortunately crashed badly, injuring the crew and failed to finish
This has to be the most inappropriate long distance rally car ever !! The Trident Venturer V6 - not surprisingly it didn't finish. This is the model that Ford produced to capitalise on their WCR win - The Escort Mexico
Steve has just enough lights to see by on his way home when it gets dark !!  

Thanks to Neil for the great pictures

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