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Chiltern Group Technical Support Network

* The Network is made up of members of the Chiltern Group, who are generously prepared to give of their time to share their hard-won experience and knowledge to help others. They do so freely for the benefit of fellow TR owners on a purely voluntary basis. They are not professional engineers and may not know all the answers, but they do have a wealth of experience gained from long term TR ownership. Get in touch or seek them out at a Group meeting.

* New people are most welcome, please ask.

March 2008

Early Side Screen Cars  -  
Hywel Lloyd - Sulgrave

Hywel has owned his TR2 for 11 years and it gets well used ! With a well developed engineering skill and ability he offers specialist experience covering steering, rear axle (inc differential) and SU carbs (of the era), and rebuilding front suspension. Call Hywel by chance no later than 11.00pm

Geoff Wooldridge - Wallingford

Geoff’s previous car was a TR4 and he offers practical experience of general maintenance and “keeping ‘em going”. In this context he has a very well developed network of local contacts.



TR4/4A -


Peter Bowden - Bierton

Peter has amassed considerable experience of most things TR in 45 years of ownership. If he doesn’t know, then he probably knows someone who does.

TR5 -  
TR6 -  










Other resources -
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When in doubt, Read The Manual !!
Check out the books by Bill Piggott and Roger Williams
Check out the Technicalities CD (you will have received a copy when you joined the TR Register)
Various books and CDs are available from the TR Register Online Shop at
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Contact Ian Gibson, TR Register Technical Editor, at
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Useful website, mainly for TR6 and 250 at
Useful website for tuning SU carbs at
Everything you need to know about wheels and tyres - see
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