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TR Register 40th Anniversary, Hopscroft Holt, 10th January 2010

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The first gathering of the TR Register was held here at Hopscroft Holt on Sunday 11th January 1970. We're back, forty years later  

Dave and Ron on snow shovelling duty A brief rest for Ian and Dave while Alastair ponses about with his camera
Some TRs managed to get there Roger Hogarth's TR4A with appropriate number
Phil Tucker managed to drive his TR3A the 208 miles from Devon  !! Where the snow had been removed there was ice
The NLG ladies looked the part  Time to catch up with friends
Ever tried to drop a spark plug through a 2 inch hole in a box ? NLG's game provided a bit of entertainment and a lot of laughs Neil freezes his nuts off out in the snow with no coat. Hardy (or crazy) some of these Chiltern guys
For the first time, pictures and radio from the event were broadcast live on the internet thanks to Simon, Sue and James Harrison (unfortunately James is not in this picture !) Pictures taken at the event were shown moments later on the big screen around the room and on the internet
The TRR website was also update in real time Patsy warms herself on a radiator while directing the IT effort <g>
Down to business; Steve Redway and Chris Cunnington Familiar faces in the audience
At the prize giving, Neil picked up a bottle of wine for winning the competition for being a complete anorak when it comes to recognising 1970s cars !! .............. while Simon (he of the Twitter and Tweets) collects another for feeling TR parts through a bag (yes, really). Just one of his many talents. A really useful chap to have around if you want your parts felt <G>
President Graham Robson unveils the plaque, to mark the 40th Anniversary of the first meeting which took place at Hopscroft Holt on Sunday 11th January 1970. The plaque is to be sited in the reception area of the hotel Vice Presidents Ian Evans and Ian Cornish cut the cake

"This place in which we are now met has been duly sanctioned according to law for the celebration of civil partnerships."

Thanks to Simon, Rosy, Dick and Geoff for the pictures

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