Chiltern TRs

Mid month meeting at The Star, Stanton St John, Wednesday 20th July 2011

The Star at Stanton St John ..... this used to be the Chiltern Group regular meeting place, as far as we can remember, back in the late 1980s
This used to be the haunt of a number of car clubs including RSSOC, Mercedes, Morris Minor, Lotus and ourselves We just happened to pick the evening when the local Morris dancers were doing a turn .......
......... we managed to avoid joining in ! The unreliable weather meant that they were few TRs in the car park
It was our very great  pleasure to welcome our old friend, and honorary Chiltern member, Don Elliot who was over from Montreal During his stay Don had the use of TS2 ...............
............ and thoroughly enjoyed the experience Don needed to leave early to get back to his hotel before dark. Driving a loaned car on the 'wrong' side is enough of a challenge without trying to find your way at night with 58 year old Lucas headlights !
Safe journey Don, come back and see us again soon

Thanks to Heather for pictures

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