Chiltern TRs

South Downs Stages, Goodwood, 6th February 2010

featuring the "TR7V8 Challenge"

Steve Rockingham's immaculately repaired ex-works car ..... other were less well prepared !
A good entry of eight cars, with four genuine ex-works cars plus other "newer" cars with lots of trick bits. This "new" car was the fastest in class but by no means the prettiest !! The engine in ex-works car SJW 548S
Steve Hall's very nicely prepared "new" car Steve #36 exiting the chicane on a stage
Steve's #36 lining up for a start Yvonne Mehta is chewing her nails and looking nervous !!!
David Maslen's SJW 533S is another of the ex-works cars, but it didn't run for some reason The TR7 V8s line up against the pit wall for a photo shoot ......
Bert Smeet's (LHD) ex-works car # 20 ...... ..... and Dave Rayner's (LHD) ex-works car #24
Steve and Yvonne's (RHD) ex-works car #36 #36 Starting stage 5 or 6
Steve and Yvonne (#36) starting stage 7 They were to finish a very creditable 4th in class overall and the first of the ex-works cars, inevitably somewhat slower than the "new" cars with their bigger brakes, increased horse power, and newer technology

Thanks to Peter and Neil for the pictures

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