Chiltern TRs

Standard Triumph Marque Day, Prescott, 23rd May 2010 

Our friends from the North London Group Me, waiting for the start of the convoy runs up the hill

A welcome bit of shade while waiting for a run up the hill Geoff's TR2 waiting in line
Jayne in the EFI TR6, Dave is taking the picture Ron and Sandra's very nice TR4A
There's Geoff again, with Brian Sparrowhawk's OH Rosemarie and Ian's lovely Dolomite Sprint
The ex-WCR Triumph 2.5 PI Ron and Sandra on the hill. A great picture from Dave Rumens of the KVG (no relation - as far as we know !)
My turn on the hill ! Great picture of Ian Cornish in 4 VC

Thanks Dave Broomhead, Mike North, (Mrs) Dave Rumens and MagicCarPics for the pictures

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