Chiltern TRs

Ron's Tour of Foreign Parts, July - August 2015

Lorraine, Alsace and the Black Forest

Fourteen people, TR2, TR4A and 5 x TR6s

Queuing at Folkestone for the train Hotel for the first night
Some of crowd together for a meal Cheers Dave, the first of many !
Some of the guys taking the train into Strasbourg Caught in the act !
No, I don't know why Dave is taking a shower in the street ? ! The old town of Strasbourg
The very impressive Strasbourg cathedral The old town from the canal
Menu Please (again!) The remnants of a black forest gateau
No traffic ! Catching the ferry across the Rhine
On the road  
Ron, what have got there ? You'll never eat all that ! Rodney is firmly sticking to the diet !
Feeding time (again) A great tour with good company
a visit to the French National Motor Museum (otherwise known as the Schlumpf Collection) at Mulhouse You can't have too many Bugattis
A sign outside a Chinese grocery store in Colmar <G>

Exotic products in a grocer's ??

Apparently this should read Wn kě lng which translates as 'one million long' and still means nothing to me !!!

This plaque was erected in 2006 by Jaguar Daimler Heritage to commemorate Peter Whitehead and Ken Wharton winning the Reims-Gueux 12 Hour Race on the 4th July 1954 in a Jaguar D Type, the car's maiden victory. D Types also finished second and third and went on to win many other prestigious races over the years, including Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957, a run that was brought to an end by a change in regulations limiting engine size.
The circuit Reims-Gueux was a Grand Prix motor racing road course, located 7.5 km west of Reims in the Champagne region of north-eastern France, established in 1926 as the second venue of the Grand Prix de la Marne. Les Amis du Circuit de Gueux (a non-profit organization) is working to preserve the old pit building, grandstands and other remaining structures of the circuit and actively support historic meetings which use the 1952 Circuit d'Essais. The original 7.816 km circuit placed the start/finish line on road D27, approximately 1.6 km east of the Gueux village centre, where it would remain for the duration of the circuit. The last year for Formula One at Reims came in 1966, final sports car competitions were held in 1969. The grandstand and some of the building remain, making a unique atmosphere and well worth a visit if you are ever passing that way.
A nice picture of the cars with the guys waving from the upstairs windows  
No trip to region would be complete without a champagne tasting. The Chiltern Group take drinking lessons ! Just enough to go around
There is always enough room for another case of champagne A last meal on tour and Brian reads from the Michelin I-Spy book "On a Car Journey in France"

Thanks to Ron, Jayne, Brian and Facebook for the pictures

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