Chiltern TRs

Euromeet 2007, Rimini

The European Meeting in Rimini 2007. There were 160 cars from all over Europe, but the majority (60) were from the UK. There were also solo visitors from New Zealand and South Africa. The Italians certainly know how to put on an event! Martin and I with Rob and Pam took a leisurely route - 3 days going and 6 days coming back - travelling about 2500 miles. Mark and Vuokko also went on the Greek trip that followed the meeting - we look forward to hearing about their adventures too.

Italian services for a picnic - the Italians just don't see the need for picnics !

Mark's water pump transplant

Rosie and Pugh on Rimini beach

Rimini convoy run

Pugh with ice cream

Rimini lunch stop


Rimini Grand Hotel



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