Chiltern TRs

Standard Triumph Marque Day, Prescott
Sunday 20th May 2012

An ariel view of Prescott courtesy of the Bugatti Owners' Club website. The BOC bought the 60 acre estate in 1937 and stages their first event in April 1938. Also from the BOC site, this map of the layout. The long course is 1030 metres and rises over 61 metres. The current record stands at 36.35 seconds (not in a TR, however !)
Long queues to get on the hill ..... .... but everyone who wanted to got a run
Dave and Jayne ready to blast off up the hill Bruce and Jacqui wait patiently
Dave and Sue exit Ettore's Peter in the green TR7 V8
Bruce and Jacqui in the yellow TR6 Ron and Sandra at speed
..... Aidan was so fast, the camera couldn't keep up with him <G> On the whole, the marshals had little to do as all the TRs were well behaved. The only incident involved a newish TVR who's owner attempted to defy the laws of physics and failed at the 'semi-circle'. He was unhurt but his pride took a battering along with the front of his car.

"Every year the Harry Webster Award goes to someone who has done most for the Standard-Triumph movement in the previous year.
This year - and to the total acclamation of everyone who was consulted - it was decided to make the 2012 award, posthumously, to Tony Beadle, the founder/editor of TRIUMPH WORLD.
I was proud to be involved in the handover ceremony, at Prescott, to Jennie Beadle (Tony's gallant widow) and their son John. Suddenly, this made us realise what Standard-Triumph companionship is all about"
Graham Robson TRR Hon.Pres.

Graham Robson talks to Tony's son John who had just completed the London Marathon, in a very respectable time, to raise money for Harefield Hospital's heart unit, who had cared for Tony.

TRR Chairman Chris Cunnington makes the presentation

Tony's son John leads a convoy run up the hill in his Dad's Vitesse-engined Triumph Herald Courier van. Note the signwritting - "Tony Beadle - Purveyor of Automotive Words & Photos"

Thanks to Ron, Dave and Allan for pictures (and anyone else who's images I borrowed).

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