Chiltern TRs

Monthly meeting at The Peacock, Henton, 6th April 2011

Although the evenings are now lighter for longer, it's still a bit of a challenge to take pictures !

Louis TR6 sporting it's hard top

Red is a popular colour ! Malcolm's TR3A with Geoff and Hywel's TR2s
Dave Tomlin's TR6 with Heather's TR7 V8 Steve's ex-works TR7 V8 did have far to come !
Jan's lovely BRG TR2, used on many rallies The interior showing the trip computer
Dave's immaculate EFI TR6 Bruce's mimosa TR6 next to Neil's early example in jasmine yellow, a very usual colour
John's 1800 Triumph Roadster makes a welcome appearance while his TR3 is in bits Handsome from any angle
Roger's TR6 and Ron's trusty TR4A Martin's TR8. It's was getting a bit dark by then <G>

Thanks to Roger for the pictures

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