Chiltern TRs

Knebworth Classic Car Show, 30th August 2010

The TR Register put on a great show and were by far the biggest one make club present
Good to see so many early side screen cars Some where between six and eight local TR Group together
GL's car props up the Chiltern banner Malcolm's very nice, newly acquired 1958 TR3A
A handsome pair of TR3As in Jasmine The Hertfordshire Air Ambulance prepares to leave after a brief fund raising visit
A very rare sight indeed. A very pretty Triumph 2000 Italia Note the registration number
Howard (North London Group Leader), has an anxious wait with Mike North, to see if his TR8 has won an award in the concours .... he needn't have worried. Best in Class again !

Thanks to Malcolm, Peter and the NLG for the pictures

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