Chiltern TRs

A celebration of the Jabbeke Speed Trials, Belgium, May 2013

organised by TR Register Belgium
Celebrating 60 years since May 1953 when Ken Richardson a TR2 prototype (MVC 575) achieved just over 124mph in speed trim on the Jabbeke highway. with the hood and sidescreens as seen here the car still achieved just under 115mph. Amazing considering it was a pretty standard car
Roger and Julia are greeted by Sir John and Lady Black  after their speed run ...... while Richard and Beverley are greeted by the police !!
Pascal Quirynen's early ex-works TR2 was driven by Ken Richardson on international rallies in 1954-5 with great success. Also entered and finished the 1954 Mille Miglia with Gatsonides and Richardson A contemporary shot of our own TS2 with some of the hosts suitably dressed for the occasion
There's another ............... A very handsome collection of Francorchamps
TS2 (2nd right) in good company Lots of early cars
Meeting new friends and Honorary Chiltern Group members from Australia Getting into the spirit of things
Appreciating the local beer That Belgian beer should obviously carry a health warning
What did I tell you ? TRR General Manager, Richard Gibbs, as you've never seen him before !


Unfortunately the rest of the pictures have had to be censored for reasons of public decency <G> for which I blame the Belgian beer


Thanks to Richard, Roger and others for the pictures

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