Chiltern TRs

International Weekend, Malvern, 23 - 25th July 2010

The "Andy Canning Experience" was a great success on Saturday night But for me, the main attraction on this, the TRR 40th Anniversary, was the line up of ex-works cars and personnel. Here is a 1954 TR2 driven in the Mille Miglia by Ken Richardson and Maurice Gastonides
Jan Pearce's 1955 Le Mans TR2. Fitted with prototype disc brakes and driven by Leslie Brooke and Mortimer Morris-Goodall, race # 68, it finished a creditable 19th overall with 214 laps. The other two team cars, PKV 376 (Robert Dickson/Ninian Sanderson) # 28 was 14th and PKV 375 (Bert Hadley/Ken Richardson) #29 was 15th. Both covering 242 laps.  However, that race will always be remember for the disaster in which Pierre Levegh and 80 plus  spectators were killed. Mike Otto kindly brought his TRS "927 HP" over from Germany. The Sabrina engine now running on Webers rather than the period twin-choke SUs .
When was the last time you saw a Sabrina engine or for that matter, two TRS' in one place ? This is Otto Snr's "928 HP"
Right to left, 3 VC, 4 VC and 6 VC the ex-works TR4 Rally cars Seen in the concours hall, this lovely TR Francorchamps. One of just 22 built by the Triumph Belgian importers, with a fixed steel hardtop and wind up windows. Those things on the left are the original fake wire wheel trims that would have been fitted over disc wheels.
 A very wet Steve Redway, but real trooper that he is, carried on regardless A Triumph Italia 2000, very rarely seen in this country
A nice picture of Simo Lampinen and his co-driver, Mike Broad, with Steve Rockingham's 1978 ex-works TR7 V8, which he drove on a number of occaisions  The 21 ex-works cars, the owners, drivers, team personnel and guests in the ring for an important picture

Thanks to Rosy, Me, NLG and others for the pictures

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