Chiltern TRs

The TRR IWE, Harrogate 29th - 31st July 2011

The weekend started with a chance to run on the hill climb circuit at Harewood
The view from Hywel's TR2 One of the NLG guys takes to the hill
We stayed with Adam Keeler and his family at his very comfortable guest house in the centre of Harrogate TRs as far as the eye could see
Can't all be called Kermit. since the one in the middle is the original, the others must be fakes ! Cake cutting and a brief speech to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of TS2 being back on the road since the restoration by TR Enterprises. In that time the car have covered in excess of 40,000 miles and has been driven by at least 400 TRR members. Certainly no museum piece !!
A real Le Mans TR2 Some of the impressive NLG cars entered in the "Pride of Ownership". Mike North's lovely rally replica TR4 with Harry Dent's immaculate EFI TR5
Russ Swift demonstrating the art of high speed parallel parking in  tight space ! Sandra parking the Mini, or is it Russ Swift again ?
Good to see the unique Fury prototype My personal favourite, the ex-Dangerfield 1962 TR4 rebodied in 1964 by Williams and Pritchard and build up by Chris Lawrence and known as "SLR" (Sprinzel LawrenceTune Racing)
Part of the TR4 40th Anniversary display Ian Cornish's car as part of the TR4 competition cars display

Thanks to Hywel, Peter, and the NLG guys (and anyone else I have forgotten) for pictures

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