Chiltern TRs

1955 Triumph TR2

RLJ 333 TS 5796


RLJ 333 left the Triumph factory in Coventry on 14 March 1955.

This was a time when roads were not crowded and petrol was 4/- per gallon (which is 4.5p per litre).

Some 8,636 TR2s were built, the great majority of which were left hand drive and exported.

This car has always been right hand drive.

Hywel and Ingram celebrate TR2's 50th birthday, July 2005 !


In 1994 RLJ 333 was purchased by Hywel Lloyd as a runner – just !

During the next few years the brakes, steering, suspension, rear axle and differential were all rebuilt.  The dynamo failed and was rewound. Then the crankshaft bearings blew and this signalled a major engine rebuild.  Side screens have now been fitted and sorted.

The next task?

Maybe a repaint job.

Meanwhile, the fun is driving this red open car.  Apart from touring England, we have also been to Belgium, Denmark and Germany.

Hywel and TR2 at the Ace Café, March 2005



RLJ 333 at the STaB Meeting at Brooklands, April 2006


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