Chiltern TRs

Chiltern Group meeting at The Peacock, Henton, Wednesday 4th May 2011

Some of the more interesting non-TRs !

Bob's handsome 1965 Jaguar E-Type was very much appreciated. There were several offers to swap a TR6 for the Jaguar but they were graciously declined !

Kevin's Kawasaki GSX-R. Perhaps we can get him to change to a Triumph <G>
Pete's fearsome Ducati 1198S- the Ferrari of motorcycles Steve's ex-works Prodrive Subaru Impreza WRC. The very car in which Colin McRae and Nicky Grist won the Rally Portugal in 1998.
Amazing complicated and very powerful turbo engine. There's also plumbing in there for the water cooled brakes and power steering !!  ..... the office

Thanks to Heather for the pictures

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