Chiltern TRs

The Goodwood Revival, 18-20th September 2009

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  There were shopping opportunities ??
  A 1940 shop with all those things that your parents (or grand parents) would recognise
A period Ferrari transporter 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato. What a gem
The 1960 Avro Vulcan XH558, one of 134 aircraft built between 1956 and 1965, was the star of the show, and is the only one still flying. Grounded for 17 years, this aircraft returned to the skies in 2007 after a 7 million restoration. An amazing replica of the Vickers Vimy in which John Alcock and Arthur Brown were the first to fly the Atlantic non stop in 1919, a project funded by an American mega millionaire, the late Steve Fossett.
The carpark at the B&B and a nice collection of classic cars. It's not often that you will see two Doves together. The Members' Enclosure on the Lavant Bank

Bill and Stephanie Piggott with Heather and GL The big screens were a great asset enabling one to see the whole circuit from the comfort of the Members' Enclosure
  GL with Sue and Simon Harrison
An evocative sight of two Mustangs and two Spitfires in tight formation A very nice picture that I found on the web of a P51 Mustang at sunset at Goodwood
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Thanks to Heather for the pictures

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