Chiltern TRs

Visit to Dick Skipworth's private Ecurie Ecosse collection, Ilmer, 21st November 2012

Dick Skipworth (middle) with Bob (left) and George (right) An amazing collection in a beautifully restored building
The unique and fascinating, three car transporter custom built by Alexander's of Falkirk. It's light weight (aluminium panels) and amazing TS3 engine gave remarkable speed and fuel economy. Many will remember the Corgi model of which over 300,000 were sold. The TS3 engine built by Tilling-Stevens. A 3.3 litre, horizontally-opposed 3 cylinder (six piston) two-stroke supercharger diesel producing about 105hp. Being a 'flat' engine, it could be mounted between the chassis rails and under the floor, giving a low C of G and allowing the designers a lot of scope
The car that started the collection, a Lynx built exact copy of the long-nose D Type that won at Le Mans in 1957, next to the Tojeiro-Buick, once driven by a young Jackie Stewart (not his favourite car) An early drum-brakes C Type KSF 182 being rebuilt after an unexpected engine blow up at the end of season historic meeting in Portimäo, Portugal
The famous 1956 D Type (XKD561) registered MWS 303 An Jaguar XK120, one of the original three Ecurie Ecosse Team cars from the days when they ran race cars for their wealthy owns and were not able to afford to buy their own. This car, registered  LXO 126 was then owned by Sir James Scott Douglas. Dick acquired the car in 1993
The lovely 1934 2 litre ERA, R3A I believe. Used by Raymond Mays to set the Outright World Standing Start kilometre record as well as success in circuit racing and hill climbs. The car was then sold on at the end of 1935. The supercharger and huge SU gave enormous horse power and speed from the 6 cylinder engine
Not just cars, a Vincent Black Shadow, between two D Types The XK150 and very accurate GTD replica of the GT40
This XK150 won many awards before Dick bought it form his own use as a road car The Ecurie Ecosse cars at Kop Hill in 2011
Barry 'Whizzo' Williams has driven Dick's cars for many years and still one of the fastest historic racers around despite "having had a bus pass for some time" ! A calming man and great raconteur Whizzo in the 1959 Tojeiro-Jaguar in the Sussex Trophy race at the Goodwood Revival Meeting. Despite competing in every such race since it's inception in 1998 they have still to win it !
A DVD on the history of Ecurie Ecosse and a few racing stories completed a most enjoyable evening ..... .... we say our goodbyes

Thanks to Heather, Brian, Geoff, Kevin and others for pictures.

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