Chiltern TRs

 Standard Triumph Marque Day at Duxford, 24th May 2009

The sun was out and a nice drive across country in a TR (or a Stag), what could be better ? Triumphs of every kind and condition
Geoff's TR2, Rob's Stag, Peter's TR4A and Ron's powder blue TR4A, behind the green 3A Howard's (Ferrari blue) TR6 with the North London guys
Lots of Standards and Triumphs Concorde 101
A brief history of 101 Up the sharp end of 101
A Mosquito hanging from the ceiling I want one of those !!
Time for refreshment A nice old Atlas van. With an 850cc engine, it must have taken most of the day to get there <G>
A Trident and a VC10 A Consolidated Catalina
B17 'Sally B' takes to the air .... and returns from her mission safely

Thanks to Heather and Roger for the pictures

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