Chiltern TRs

"Drive it Day", Sunday 26th April 2015

One of the starting points was at  Waitrose in Wallingford A cross country route to Wiltshire
Some of the others met us en route
To our planned lunch stop The Red Lion at Axford
The carpark was big enough to accommodate all 17 cars Hungry Chiltern Group looking forward to lunch
On to the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum at Calne for tea and cake Room for all the visiting TRs, Minis, Morgans and Jaguars
A good show of TRs
Once a private collection, now open to the public I wish !!
This TR7 FHC was originally yellow and has been repainted Persian Aqua A Reliant Scimitar SE6B with an Oxford registration number
A 1930s garage scene A lovely 1934 Alvis Speed 20
Sandra's car ?? A Ford Model T
A fine collection of old bike A very rare Brough Superior
Visiting Morgans ......... ........ and Minis

Thanks to Heather, Rich, Roger, Bill and Geoff for the pictures

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