Chiltern TRs

"Drive it Day", Sunday 22nd April 2012

Chiltern Group Runout to Coventry Transport Museum

Parking in pole position on Millennium Square outside the museum with friends from the Birmingham and Kennet valley groups 4 VC, the Coca Cola TR7 and a handsome Peerless GT in the front row
  ..... unfortunately, the rain was pretty heavy most of the time
Another bunch of the Chiltern Group did the MK Classic Run in aid of charity
Roger & Julia take the start at Woburn Sands in TS2 Ron on the exciting Alpine Circuit at Millbrook .....
..... fortunately, the traffic is one way ! Roger and Julia in TS2 at high speed
A pause at Prodrive in Banbury ...... ..... for a bit of refreshment
After a short stop, it was off to Silverstone ..... ..... for a visit to the Porsche Experience and a chance to letch
Would you rather have the 1966 TR4A or the 1973 Porsche Carrera RS ? One is rather more affordable than the other ! The was an opportunity for everyone to try the Porsche Circuit. Roger in TS2 lines up ahead of Ian's MGTD
Roger giving it some beans on the circuit Hywel returns in one piece !

Thanks to Geoff, Roger, Sandra and Ron for pictures.

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