Chiltern TRs

Classic Carnival, Castle Coombe, 2nd - 3rd August 2008

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We've arrived !! A bit wet on the way down but the sun came out at the circuit. Setting up camp, waiting for the influx of classic cars, only to be as disappointed as the organisers that so few turned up. Still, it was the inaugural Classic Carnival Race Meeting.
Next door, a very nice Lotus 6 with an MG and Jensen Healey The Chiltern Group are never short of a spot of refreshment !
The Pearson/Devine TR4 curiously in the 'Stars of the '70s' race A very rapid Austin A40 leads Adam Ealand's TR3A
Jag MkVII leads TR3A, Morris Minor, Austin A105 Westminster and Sunbeam Rapier The Radical things were amazingly fast
Lotus Exige, followed by a Caterham or two Tim arrived on the Sunday in time for the parade laps
Thanks to Joy and Nick for the pictures
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