Chiltern TRs

The Caribbean BBQ, The Peacock, Henton, 26th June 2010

Some of the crew getting in a few large ones before kick-off Rosemarie and Ian dressed the part
Pat and Neil before the serious business began after sundown Jayne with a cool dude she picked up along the way
Strange man in socks tries to charm attractive young ladies Hywel explains the finer points of TR2 ownership to Ian and Julie
That cool dude with the dreadlocks again Excitement spreading among the revellers as someone smells food. Many of the people from Henton have not eaten in days !
Robinson Crusoe explains how he managed to escape from the desert island GL exchanges pleasantries with the natives and finds them charming and hospitable
More pictures to come !!
At last, Ingram's found some food !!

More pictures to come !!

  What's happening out in the carpark I hear you say .....!
David and Mike's TR6s Hywel's TR2, Steve's TR4, Neil's TR6, Andrew's TR5 and Tony's TR6
Alan's very nice TR6 looking good in the sunshine  

Thanks to Heather and Neil for the pictures

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