Chiltern TRs

Le Mans Classique, 9 - 11th July 2010

The TRR BBQ on the Friday night at Maison Blanche was well attended .... as you can see from the number of TRR CLM2010 red shirts
Looks like the whole event went well The Stephen Skinner/Rod Begbie TR3 from plateau 3 which finished 53rd overall
Mark Hoble's ex Le Mans TR2 from plateau 2. Unfortunately Mark had a problem and finished way down in round 3. Finally place 10th overall on classification. Shame as he won in this car in 2008. His times looked good enough in rounds 1 and 2 to win again, were it not for the problems in round 3.  Great effort nonetheless. One of the French TR2s. This is the Jean-Pierre Hubin/Thierry Durecu car that finish 39th overall
A very handsome 1968 Alfa Romeo T33/12 from plateau 5 The 1950 Allard J2 was classified behind the TRs in plateau 2
This very famous car is one of the works Jaguar Team entries at Le Mans in 1954 1938 Aston Martin Speed Model in plateau 1
TRR's Celia Steven had to forsake her Peerless GT to run this 1932 Citroen C4 Roadster with Antonia Loysen in plateau 1. With a top speed of 60mph (max) and about 30 bhp at the wheels, that must have been a real challenge. They classified 47th out of 68. Well done ladies !! The unique 1968 Howmet TX gas turbine car was classified 55th out of 77 in plateau 5
What an invocative Le Mans sight. The 1971 Porsche 917K of Dickie Attwood and Vern Schuppan in Gulf Oil colours I remember this one ! The 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Group IV driven here by Jamie Campbell-Walter. In period it was entered at Le Mans for several years by Charles Pozzi, the Swiss Ferrari importer, in the colours of Thomson
One of the BMW CSLs. This, the #3 car, was driven by Alex Elliott and Adrian Bradley in plateau 6 The 1979 Porsche 935 K3
Al moody shot of the Esses at night  

Thanks to Roger, the NLG and others on the web for the pictures

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