Chiltern TRs

'Flight & Bite', Bicester Airfield, 8th August 2008

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Great turn out of 11 TRs, 22 Aviators and a total of 45 people for the BBQ. This picture was taken before Mark and V arrived in their Mimosa TR6 A great line up of TRs with Crazy Arthur's little home built aeroplane in the background
Pre-flight nerves ? Crazy Arthur takes to the skies !
Webby ready for the off and looking a bit anxious .... what could possibly go wrong ? .... but Dawn looks calm and in control
Louis ready for the off .......... Joy makes a great landing with a little help from Instructor Alan
Neil is clearly comfortable with bondage but Rog is not so sure .... Neil even looks as though he knows what he's doing
Thanks to Rog and Heather for the pictures
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