Chiltern TRs

Beale Park Thames Boat Show, 6th June 2010

A good show of TRs from our hosts, and good friends, the Kennet Valley Group plus a few from Chilterns The weather was hot on the Friday and Saturday, but a bit overcast when we were there on the Sunday. At least it stayed dry !
A high level of interest in TRs from the public Phil's Grinnall on the left

TS2 and the Coca Cola TR7 in the main show area. Geoff manned the stand all weekend. What a trooper !! As usual, TS2 attracted a lot of attention. Reactions to the TR7 were mixed
The show attracts all sorts of 'classics'  A very handsome Jensen V8
A nice setting on the River Thames Mayhem as the Newfoundland rescue dogs get ready to do their stuff
Being such strong swimmers, they are a really handy dog to have if the pub is on the river and you need help getting home at chucking-out time, as this owner will attest <G> All the excitement is a bit much for this little guy .......

Thanks to Geoff and Heather for the pictures

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