Chiltern TRs

Visit to Basildon Park, 30th November 2014

We met up at Goring and Streatley Golf Club for a spot of lunch All well organised and very civilised
Arrived at Basildon House where we were invited to park in front of the house Lots of shuffling about
We're getting there Nearly done
The end result was a great picture, and more or less in date order too !
The imposing facade From the house
Nice tree. The furry chap with the big feet is Spencer Among the many items of memorabilia in the kitchen we found this. "The Good Wife's Guide" an extract from a 1950s Home Economics book. Sound advice for the ladies <G>
The 1950s Housewife knew her place. Point 8. How things have changed!!!!  

Thanks to Geoff, Heather and Tom for the pictures

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