Chiltern TRs

BMW Mini Plant, Cowley, 15th September 2010

Twenty four Chiltern members and friends, all issued with 'Mini' warehouse coats, safety specs and radios, start the extremely interesting 21/2 tour of the plant. All very clean and high-tech and so different from the days when the TRs were built. Our guide, John Strange, was a real star and managed to keep us informed and entertained all evening. Not easy with such a large group.
These pictures were all taken in the museum area as photography inside the plant was understandably not permitted There is seemingly an almost limitless number of permutations of colour, trim, model and engine options. Certainly many millions ! Every car on the production lines was different from the next. An amazing demonstration of logistic and process control.
An electric Mini would probably be the most expensive A 'classic' Mini along side a John Cooper 'Works' Mini Cooper S
As you would expect, there are strong links to the Mini heritage
Now that's an unusual use for a Mini. I first saw this car last year at the Goodwood Revival Meeting as apart of the Mini's 50th Anniversary Celebrations. This one has a steering wheel on both sides !!

Thanks to Dick and Geoff for the pictures

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